ICBC Khorgos (МЦПС Хоргос / Қорғас ШЫХО) is the Free Trade Zone near Horgos location on Kazakhstan and China border. ICBC is the neutral territory which uses Duty Free commercial model.

Orientation on trade with China through the industrial and logistics hub SEZ "Khorgos - East Gate" happens not only in big business, but also in the sphere of individual entrepreneurship. Tourist Agencies already offer visa-free shopping tours in the area of cross-border cooperation ICBC "Khorgos". By this reason, over the weekends about 3000-4000 Kazakhs and 4-5 thousand Chineses visit the shopping areas of the International Center for Cross-Border Cooperation (ICBC) "Khorgos".

Completion of construction of 304.4 km road Almaty-Khorgos shortened the path from Almaty to Khorgos on 50km, this part of a new motorway road corridor "Western Europe - Western China" is routed to avoid dangerous "Kokpek" gourge. Naturally, following such favorable conditions, greater number of customers rushed to ICBC "Horgos" by the 4-lane highway, but before heading to a bargain purchase, people need to see the online products present in the sales pavilions of ICBC, read the reviews about a huge variety of goods in malls Khorgos. Our portal serves these goals and promote trading on Huoerguosi (Khorgas).

The total area of ICBC Khorgos 528 hectares, of which Kazakhstan is a part of 185 hectares, and the Chinese - 343 hectares. At Horgos (Huo Er Guo Si) operates 6 shopping centers and more than 2000 boutiques:

Fur coats, sheepskin jackets, coats, hats, coats, scarves, jackets, women's clothing, winter hats made of natural fur, tires, car tool, telephones and other ...

Electrical appliances, children's and men's clothing, cosmetics, bedding, blankets, bags, suitcases, stockings, table cloths, jewelry made of pearls, men's and women's footwear, jeanswear, a wide range of teas, food products, etc.

Jiang Yuan
Children's toys, sporting goods, kitchenware, blankets, pillows, towels, blankets, jewelery, costume jewelery, tents, TVs, cell phones, perfumes, medicines, leather jackets and coats, ponchos, warm winter underwear, shawls, scarves, coats, sleeveless sports, household goods, etc.

Coats, jackets, windbreakers, sportswear, wedding dress, winter and summer shoes, goods for children, children's clothing, toys, cosmetics, jewelry, handbags, luggage, kitchenware, gifts, linens, pillows, blankets, auto accessories, power tool, electronics, household appliances, products for hotels and restaurants, the Chinese pharmacy (herbs, extracts, tinctures, ointments, patches, urological, etc.), dishes and much more ...


In the shopping center "Samruk" presents the products produced in Kazakhstan, as well as in the CIS and EEMP countries. Basically, there are food and light industry products: tobacco products, confectionery products, sweets, flour, alcohol, cognac, wine, vodka, water, bakery products, sweets. Abundance of Kyrgyz goods: cigarettes, honey, ice cream.

Advantages of ICBC Korgas:

  • Ability to visit the market in China within the boundaries of ICBC without visa (mandatory presence of the passport or KZ identity card and the lack of your name in the Register of debtors on enforcement proceedings MJ RK (for fines, child support, etc.)
  • Exemption from customs duties, the amount and weight of which does not exceed € 1,500 and / or 50 kg
  • Making agreements with China manufacturers directly, without intermediaries
  • Meeting with Chinese partners on neutral territory without opening visas

You can reach ICBC "Khorgos" from Almaty:

  • by train №393 «Almaty-1 - Altynkol" via Zhetygen-Korgas: 6 hours and 12 minutes on the way. Departure: in odd days of week at 23:00 by TuranExpress railway operator. After arriving on AltynKol railway station, ICBC provides transfer Altynkol-Khorgos. Railway tickets cost 1500-2300tg. online
  • by your own car on the old road Almaty-Horgos via Kokpek-Koktal-Zharkent-Pigeon (350km, 5 hour trip)
  • by car on the new highway Almaty-Horgos (304km, 3 hour trip) (HIGH ROAD IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Entry only with permission from Police)
  • by comfortable buses of travel agencies BRAZZЕRStuR, "Algri Travel""Автотранс""Keremet Tour" etc.
  • Open Hours:

    Khorgos ICBC operates from 7:00 to 19:00 seven days a week (9-18 till 17/12/2016). Also, if you stay for the night in a Horgos hotel, you can make purchases from 9 am until the close of shopping malls, and continue shopping in the morning.

    Payment for Chinese goods:

    Boutiques of Chinese shopping centers accept tenge, yuan and dollars.

    The weather in Horgos is the same as in Zharkent:

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