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Hotel in Horgos


On 31.07.2015g. travel agency "Akatur" launched a shopping tour with an overnight stay!
Time for shopping from 9 AM until the closure of the Chinese shopping mall, and the continuation in the next morning !!! Comfortable rooms in the ICBC "Khorgos", delicious breakfast !! The entire group will be supervised by experienced guides and senior groups. The consolidation, protection, training purchases for departure at the customs. counseling, coaching. You have the opportunity to keep buying throughout the day for storage. 


WeChat: Khorgos_ICBC
WhatsApp: +77009977963
Telegram: @Horgos
Tel: +77009977963
QQ: 2571692582
QQ: 2571692582


Place of Origin: Kazakhstan
Location:Khorgos ICBC, Mall "YIWU"
Khorgos YIWU International Business Trade Mall




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