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The notable and growing interest around the world at the economic transformation in China has lasted about two decades. Interest in this country is not accidental. Currently, most production is located in China. High consumer demand for these products makes the search for direct access to its producers. Unfortunately, consumers around the world are almost impossible to keep track of all the proposals on the huge market for goods and services of this country. It has now become accessible through the portal BeGuSha!

BeGuSha is not an online store and sells in the catalog of products. 

BeGuSha - this is the first Internet portal in the world, in the pages of which the full spectrum of commodity offers various Chinese companies in three languages by means of manual translation. There are all conditions to buyers from different countries are able to receive accurate and timely information about new products and their suppliers in their native language. 

Portal users are able to:

FREE to search, browse and select products and Chinese suppliers.
FREE to send requests to all types of products placed in our catalog!
Receive free translation service requests submitted by the acquisition of goods!

FREE to create your personal page on our portal
FREE to search, browse and select customer inquiries for products
FREE to add, edit and delete product listings
FREE online negotiations with potential buyers
FREE to receive calls lists from buyers for the goods provided
FREE to publish your price list

BeGuSha help you get reliable business partners throughout Asia.  The number of our members and their products updated online is increasing everyday.  To help you find the most advantageous proposal, our catalog has a fast and efficient search engine for products and their manufacturers.

Our staff is ready to assist customers in coordinating their clients at the stage preceding the conclusion of the transaction.  If necessary, our specialists in the field of Chinese language can serve as translators during negotiations.

How does the portal BeGuSha work?
For you to have a full view of how the system works we have created a detailed information section "Site Help» (Help).  There you will find answers to all questions on the use of our services.

How to make a purchase using BeGuSha?
You go to a portal home page and go to the overview of products presented in our catalog.
To find a particular product, you need to use our search engine.  That is to ask "catalog search" keywords that appear in the title or description of the product.

In response to your request you will receive a complete list of all categories with products of this type and information about their manufacturers.

In order to know the value of deferred product or to negotiate its purchase, you send a request to the address of supplier.

Any queries, you proceed to discuss the details of the transaction offline (i.e., directly from the manufacturer).

In case of failure to respond to a request sent within 4 days, you can contact the managers of the portal.  Our experts will clarify your contact information and will help you to establish contact with him.
Do you want to know everything about Chinese goods, and quickly choose the best proposals, increasing the profitability of your business?

Are you interested in effective trade relations with reliable suppliers of the most economically developed countries of South-East Asia?

If your answer is YES, then all you need is:
Go to BeGuSha.
Select product and submit a request to the supplier.
Benefit from the transaction!

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