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Hotel and hostel on the territory of ICBC Horgos on the Chinese side


Hotel and Hostel in ICBC Khorgos.

We are located on the territory of ICBC, on the Chinese side. The closest hotel to the shopping malls of King Kong and ZhongKE. At your service there are 1,2,3 rooms and places in the hostel. This is a modern, fresh 20-storey building. Stained-glass windows, warm floors, large bathrooms with modern shower cabins. In front of the hotel there is a cafe where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner. (not included in the price of the hotel)

It is advisable to book in advance!


Write directly to WeChat/WhatsApp. Discard the link to this page directly in the chat. Specify that you came from the site www.horgos.kz Discount of 5% interest on the promo code "khorgosbizbutik1647product10868"

WhatsApp: +77028793322

Tel: +77474501270


Place of Origin: Khorgos ICBC
Location:Kazakhstan, Almaty





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