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Different cosmetics at ICBC Khorgos: shampoos, conditioners, shadows, etc.


Various amenities. Direct delivery from the factory.
Wholesale and Retail.
Cosmetics 3500tg. Boutique a4-1092 golden port
Air conditioner, shampoo, mask, gel balm 3000tg.
Cosmetics shampoo, conditioner mask of aloe 1700tg.

Boutique A4-1092 and A5-1108 boutique.
Tel: +86 18009993879
+86 17799393392

Shop Tour "Horgos Almaty" can be carried out with travel agency "Akatur."


Place of Origin: China
Location:Khorgos ICBC, Shopping Center "Golden Port"
Trading Center "Golden Port"


Tel: +86 18009993879

Tel: +86 17799393392

Boutique A4-1092 & A5-1108

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