28 марта 2017    Смотрели: 3980

Article about Expo2017 for Chinese

http://khorgos.biz/cp/articles/edit/220 Edit this one!

Take SkyWay http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_wNWH5JuBXwPh1nDuvLlkQ as the base This artical about the all information of Astana and where to travel in astana. And baidu don't know this artical. I will get many information in this,and write an another artical about how to buy expo tickets. About buy expo tickets baidu also don't have any information.

Super, let's name our article "Visit EXPO2017 Astana, buy tickets, see sights"

28 марта 2017    Смотрели: 3980
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